Sur le terrain

Project Quiétude

The Quiétude team, which includes police officers and civilians with diverse expertise in combating criminal groups and firearms-related offences, pursued its work in 2020. From January to December, operations conducted by the Quiétude team led to 85 searches and 104 arrests, in addition to the seizure of 45 firearms.

The Quiétude team’s activities include regularly reaching out to the public for information to advance ongoing investigations.

It is important to highlight that various SPVM teams work closely together, involving the Quiétude team from our investigators in organized crime, narcotics, major crimes or criminal investigations sections. In December, the SPVM also announced the creation of the ELTA team to combat firearms trafficking. ELTA’s mandate is more specifically to tackle the firearms trafficking market with the aim of arresting the ringleaders.