Sur le terrain

Operation Turbo

In November, gatherings of modified vehicles were held in the SPVM’s territory. These gatherings were not banned at the outset, as they are an opportunity for collectors and amateur fans of these vehicles to enjoy a feast for the eyes. However, some of these recent gatherings led to car races in the streets and on the expressway network, which is illegal.

Therefore, two operations targeting modified vehicle gatherings were conducted on November 14 and 20 leading to 147 statements of offence being handed out, in addition to around 15 vehicle inspection notices.

These inspection notices mainly related to:

  • wearing a seat belt;
  • non-compliant tires;
  • non-compliant exhaust systems;
  • non-compliant windows;
  • non-compliant visibility equipment (lights, headlights or reflector);
  • modified vehicles whose break system or stability may be compromized under Article 214 of the Road Safety Code.

The combined work conducted with colleagues from Sûreté du Québec and police officers from the north and south Montréal suburbs deployed over 100 police officers in total.

These inspections helped to protect road safety and ensure the peace of residents who live close to the meeting points for these gatherings.